Zabava is a board that has proven itself perfectly in different weather conditions, from calm trips in calm weather to surfing on the Gulf of Finland

If you want to have fun at any time, regardless the weather or water, ZABAVA is your next favorite paddle board

This is a classic allround, about the same as the pioneers of supsurfing in Hawaii started with. Its advantages: stability, maneuverability and handling.

Because of its versatility I chose the Zabava 10’6” (although there was no such name then – it came later) at the very beginning, when I decided to build my first sup board in 2018. It took me for about six months to build this board

Six months is a long time for one sup. When I started this board, I thought that everything would go much faster, because I was armed with all the available information on this topic and thought that I knew everything 😉

In practice, it turned out to be much more difficult: almost nothing worked out the first time, everything had to be redone. In addition, all my sources of information were in North America, and there are completely different materials, and sometimes (even!) other tools. This made me do research every morning, invent, and answer to yesterday’s cry ” Yes, this is some kind of crap! It can’t be done! I can’t do this!” So, gradually, individual processes were built into a technology that we are still honing

As a result, we got a cute board with a trailer of disadvantages and a weight of 25 kilograms (tolerable, but it is not very convenient to take it off  from the car roof). We spent all our free weekends in the summer of 2019 mastering something new for ourselves – transportation, storage, operation – we needed to learn all the nuances. And, of course, we paddled. In any weather, in any conditions. The more, the better! And every time it was a lot of fun!

From there came the playful name – Zabava (Fun in Russian). This board is designed for fun, and the changeable weather will not interfere with it. In windy weather, you can find a suitable route for downwind, and in calm weather, you can explore new places or just take a step back and practice your balance.

There are 3 sizes in our Zabava line:

  • Zabava 7’11” – for the youngest riders, up to 40-45 kg, that’s why we call it a Cabin boy. With this board kids can start their paddling experience at young age on the personal SUP board. Must be supervised, of course. And with age (and experience) this board can be used for first surfing lessons on some high waves.
  • Zabava 10’6” is an intuitive, easy-to-use board that is perfect for beginners. Since the construction of that 25-kilogram SUP board, Zabava 10’6’ in different versions has always been on our travels. The first sup board decorates the wall of the workshop now, and the new boards of this model no longer exceed 17 kg.
  • Zabava 11’6’ – despite the fact that in this size the load capacity of Zabava has grown to 136 kg, it still remains the good old allround with excellent control and handling. It’s a board for big guys with an additional load (a backpack or a child).

Let’s be fair, maneuverable and obedient Zabava is inferior in pure speed to a sharp-nosed ZANOZA. Therefore, if you know for sure that you want fast rows, then it’s better to look at Zanoza. For long trips and rafting, our NOMAD 14″ is much more suitable, and for racing AYRTON 14″ is the best. But if you like having fun at any time, whenever you find yourself in the water with a board, then here it is ZABAVA – your next favorite SUP.