Nomad 14′

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Nomad 14′ is a stable and fast touring SUP board, that’s for sure. We’ve decided to go with a 14′ design instead of a 12’6″ one because I wanted to build a board for long cruises. Credits to Randy Bogardus from Clearwood Paddleboards for the design – we really enjoyed both building and paddling it.

Nomad 14′ comes with vent, tie downs, nice handle, leash plug and standard US Box 10,5. And we can also install some extra tie downs on the back of the board

We have 3 specifications of Nomad 14′ that are 25″, 27″ or 30″ wide. All models have a little rocker and smooth flat sides but they are a bit different it terms of weight capacity.

Every board we comes with a ‘must have’ cordura bag. Boards are handcrafted and so, it can be customized – extra tie-downs, extra fins or your own print on the nose. Make sure you call us to discuss every detail

Another important thing is the warranty you get. We surely make some tests with every board we build, but we’ll also provide you with a manual (you can read most of it on a FAQ page) and the warranty, in case there’s something wrong with you paddleboard

Oh, by the way – we ship worldwide 🙂

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Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 425 × 76 × 15 cm

Materials used

  • CNC fishbone frame – 6mm Grade A birch plywood
  • Hull – paulawnia, some lime tree inputs
  • Fiberglass – 105g/m2, twill 2/2, Tissa Textiles
  • Epoxy – Sicomin Surf Clear EVO
  • Varnish – TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 Marine Spar Varnish

This board comes with

    • Standard US Box 10,5”
    • Vent plug
    • Luggage tie-downs
    • Leash plug

    Fin and traction pads are to be discussed additionaly

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Fabric cover

Every board comes with a cordura (type of textile) navy blue cover (‘a bag’ is also a proper word) with a nice handle. This cover is ‘a must have’ thing as it is helpful in three ways:

Carrying. Our boards are as light as wooden boards can be and easy to carry, but this cover makes it even easier. It works as a duffel bag that you can just put on your shoulder.

Prevents minor scratches. It’s good to have a cover when a board is being stored in a wintertime in your garage or when you put it on a roof rack of your car and hit the road for some adventure time.

Prevents overheating. When you are on shore, it’s nice to unscrew a vent plug to avoid expanding of air inside the board. Especially if the temperature is over 30 C or you keep your board under direct sun light. A cover would also help you avoid overheating, but I’d recommend both unscrewing you vent plug and putting your board inside a bag.