Zanoza is a flat-water cruiser that beckons all, offering a comfortable and controlled paddling experience.

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    Designed with a displacement hull and a pointed nose, Zanoza offers exceptional yaw stability and impressive speed. Its true potential shines during one-day escapes and weekend getaways, where the simple joy of paddling takes precedence over covering long distances.

    At Mitrich Boats & Boards, our commitment to sustainable craftsmanship shines through every board we create. Zanoza, handcrafted from plantation-grown paulownia and eco-friendly bio-based resin, embodies our unwavering dedication to eco-conscious practices. It proudly carries the esteemed Ecoboard Gold Level certification, ensuring that your time on the water is in harmony with nature.

    Whether you find solace in tranquil lakes or embark on meandering journeys down scenic rivers, Zanoza stands as your trusted companion for forging cherished memories. Immerse yourself in water adventures with Zanoza and uncover the enchantment of paddleboarding at your own pace.

    Shipping box size and weight

    Weight40 kg
    Dimensions340 × 90 × 25 cm


    Zanoza 10’8 Length: 10’8″ / 325 cm
    Width: 30″ / 76 cm
    Board weight: 17 kg
    Max. paddlers’ weght: 95 kg
    Zanoza 11’8Length: 11’8″ / 355 cm
    WIdth: 31″ / 79 cm
    Board weight: 19 kg
    Max. paddlers’ weght: 110 kg

    What's included

    • USbox 10,5” finbox.
    • Custom handcrafted vent plug, leash plug and front set of luggage tie-downs.
    • Protective multilayer fabric cover.

    Materials used

    • CNC fishbone frame – 4 mm Grade A plywood
    • Hull – plantation-grown paulownia
    • Fiberglass – 105g/m2, twill 2/2
    • Epoxy – Sicomin Surf Clear EVO
    • Varnish – TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 Marine Spar Varnish

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