Embarking on a New Adventure: Relocating Our Workshop to Portugal!

First things first, let’s take a moment to pause and celebrate this milestone:

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve successfully re-established our workshop in Portugal! Now, we operate (and live!) in an amazing location with stunning inland landscapes and breathtaking Atlantic coastlines!

Moving a woodwork studio, tuned for handcrafting of custom paddleboards across countries? Well, let’s just say it was quite the adventure. It was a puzzle with a thousand pieces which isn’t fully complete yet, but hey, here we stand – in the captivating embrace of Leiria, Portugal, just a stone’s throw from the legendary Nazaré!

The journey had its wild moments, its twists and turns, but we’ve emerged once again with skilled hands (fingers crossed!) and an unwavering resolve to keep crafting those wooden adventure gems. Let’s just say, our journey was fueled by passion and a pinch of audacity.

We have an array of exciting plans lined up for the next 12 months. Today, I’d like to provide a brief overview, with more detailed insights to follow in upcoming posts. By sharing these plans upfront, we’re committed to taking action, reducing the chances of postponing or canceling them.

Build boards

First one is obvious 🙂. We are still furnishing and equipping the studio, and I hope to start assembling the first board here within a few weeks. Hopefully, it will see the Portuguese sun by the end of November. Luckily, the water stays liquid here all year round so as soon as the first board is finished we’ll hit the road to travel, paddle and make some great pics and vids for the next season.

Make fins

Second, we have already started to make our custom wooden fins. First samples were created and tested last summer, but we’ll only start selling them in a few days. They’re beautiful, rugged, lightweight, customizable, cool and all we love 🙂 Very soon we’ll show them to you!

Meet at the workshop

Third, we want to build paddleboards with you! Whether it’s group masterclasses or personal courses, we want to share this experience and exciting process with passionate people just like we are. When everything is so close here, it’s an amazing opportunity to spend days in the studio creating beauty, and leave it for the sunset on the water!

Paddle together

Fourth, we believe Portugal is an awesome place for common paddling gatherings be it camps, tours, or retreats! With such amazing nature and so many great spots and routes, it’d be awesome to share adventures with like-minded people standing shoulder to shoulder on lovingly crafted boards!

With all these plans, we’re fully aware that the last two might seem like idealistic fantasies for now. To be honest, they’re not too far from that at this point. Nevertheless, we’re committed to giving them a shot, regardless of the outcome.

Five years ago, when we first started assembling our first paddleboard, we’d never thought that this passion would get us so far, so our plan is just as simple as it was back then: keep doing what we love and see where it gets us!

The journey is well and truly underway!

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