How it all started

I still ride the bike I bought when I was 19 and not because I can’t afford a new one, but because I love the old one and it’s still in perfect condition

Mitrich Boats&Boards

We’ve come together as Mitrich Boats&Boards so we can spend most of the time doing something we love – building wonderful piece-of-art wooden boards and having fun while paddling them

And I personally love the idea that we build something that can last decades with a little proper care. I still remember my snickers that were my favorite for like 8-10 years and I still ride the bike that I bought when I was 19 (I’m 35 now). Not because I can’t afford a new one but because I like my old one and it’s still in perfect conditions (not shoes though, if someone invents indestructible snickers – I’ll be the first in line to buy them)

So, several years ago I quit my job and by that time I already knew that I’ll be building boats. But when I first stepped into the doors of an old gloomy garage that was supposed to be my workshop (and it was for 6 months!), I wasn’t quite sure how am I even supposed to make it.

It took me a while to learn some basic carpentry. I started with wooden chairs, key holders, cutting boards, boxes while studying in the meantime. Step-by-step I realized that my call was right and I’m much better in a workshop than in a sales department

Then couple of my friends got some inspiration (and guts too) to join me and that’s when we got into paddle boarding with regular inflatable SUP boards. The puzzle has been completed and we switched from canoes to wooden paddle boards. Three years and dozens of finished boards after that I still think this is the best decision of my life so far