How it all started

In short, the idea for Mitrich Boats&Boards struck me like lightning when I first stumbled upon a wooden strip-built kayak while browsing the internet. The image of that boat encapsulated everything I admire in the things that enrich our daily lives: it was beautiful, functional, sustainable, and, on top of that, a superb piece of sports equipment meant to offer the sheer joy and excitement that only new adventures can bring. From that moment on, the journey of Mitrich Boats&Boards was set in motion.

Dmitry, a hang glider pilot, cyclist, paddler, and adventure enthusiast, is the founder and guiding force of Mitrich Boats&Boards. His vision and commitment have indelibly shaped the ethos of our company.

Since my early days, I’ve had a passion for building, crafting, and assembling things. Even though I never considered these skills from a professional standpoint, I never felt at home being a part of a corporate world after graduating from university. So, in early 2018, I summoned all my courage, bid farewell to my office job, rented a small garage, and embarked on the extraordinary journey of creating watercraft that had captured my imagination.

In March 2019, our very first paddleboard kissed the water for the first time. By that point, my long-time friend, Zhenya, had joined me in this strip-building adventure, and crafting boards became our full-time endeavor. Over the past several years, our small team has invested countless hours in perfecting the art of crafting wooden paddleboards. Every board we produce reflects our steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, and the desire to craft products that people can cherish for years to come.

Zhenya, a former civil aviation pilot and rally-racer, is our resident Perfectionist-in-Chief. His expertise and meticulous approach ensure the impeccable quality of each piece we craft.

Our guiding philosophy has remained unwavering: quality over quantity. We create paddleboards designed to withstand the test of time, delivering reliable and cherished products that fuel our unwavering passion.

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