Discover the artistry behind our fins!

Let us introduce you to our new fin lineup, where every piece becomes your canvas for self-expression, a world where craftsmanship, sustainability, and your unique style are forged together.

Dive in and discover the artistry behind our fins!

Crafted with Precision

Our custom fin collection utilizes the same materials and techniques that we use for paddleboard building: plantation-grown paulownia and eco-friendly bio-based resin reinforced with fiberglass. This fusion creates lightweight, sturdy, and sustainable fins that not only perform beautifully but also embody our commitment to the environment.

Perfect for Every Paddler

Whether you’re a novice, an adventurer embarking on a touring cruises or an experienced paddler seeking speed in your daily sessions, we’ve got you covered. Our collection features three fin types: Speedey for quick maneuvers, Steadey for long cruises, and Qurvey for ocean or downwind paddling.

Your Unique Mark

Just like our paddleboards, each fin is handcrafted in our cozy studio. That means we can add a touch of you to your fin! Send us your logo, meaningful image, child drawing or personalized text, and we’ll make it a part of your fin’s design. Your unique touch will be printed on super-thin paper, becoming transparent in the resin, with only the ink visible. We embed it under a layer of fiberglass reinforcement, ensuring your memories stay intact, even in the face of sand and scratches!

Simply click the Customization tab on the product page and upload a file you want to appear on your fin, and we’ll do the rest.

🎁 Gift-Ready Elegance

Our commitment to excellence extends to your unboxing experience. Each fin is carefully packaged in a sturdy plywood box, ready to be presented or stored safely. It’s our way of ensuring that your Mitrich Fin arrives in impeccable condition.

👉 Ready to Dive In?

Explore our exquisite range of fins and create memories that will last a lifetime! Simply click the link below to discover the perfect fin for your next aquatic adventure:

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