Nomad 14′

The Nomad 14′ is a touring masterpiece designed for the spirited souls who cherish their time on the water. Crafted with precision and passion, this board is your custom-built adventure mate, ready to embrace the essence of paddling at your pace.

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    At Mitrich Boats & Boards, we understand that every moment on the water is uniquely yours. Whether you’re craving an exhilarating race or an adventurous journey, the Nomad 14′ is your companion. It’s engineered to cater to your desires, making it equally at home in competitions or thrilling, leisurely paddling sessions.

    With its clean rail profile and smooth rocker line, the Nomad 14′ effortlessly cuts through the water, offering a responsive and agile performance. It’s a board that respects your strength and vitality, enhancing your connection with the water in every stroke.

    We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. The Nomad 14′ is a testament to eco-conscious craftsmanship, constructed with plantation-grown paulownia and eco-friendly bio-based resin. It proudly holds the esteemed Ecoboard Gold Level certification, aligning with your values of environmental stewardship.

    The Nomad 14′ is more than a board; it’s an invitation to seize your time on the water, to chase your passions, and to savor every moment of adventure. Your time, your choices, your custom-built adventure gem — experience it all with the Nomad 14′!


    Shipping box size and weight

    Weight60 kg
    Dimensions440 × 90 × 30 cm

    What's included

    • USbox 10,5” finbox.
    • Custom handcrafted vent plug, leash plug and front set of luggage tie-downs.
    • Protective multilayer fabric cover.

    Materials used

    • CNC fishbone frame – 4 mm Grade A plywood
    • Hull – plantation-grown paulownia
    • Fiberglass – 105g/m2, twill 2/2
    • Epoxy – Sicomin Surf Clear EVO
    • Varnish – TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 Marine Spar Varnish

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